Rural Housing

Rural Housing Development a 7th step? 

Should there be a national housing policy for rural housing development? Is there something unique about rural housing that makes it another leg of the national housing policy? Or is rural housing policy really infrastructure development (roads, internet access, health care, schools, and civic capacity).

March 25, 2024. Daily Yonder. New Center Focuses on Preserving Rural Rental Housing Units. "The head of a new Center at the Housing Assistance Council (HAC) focused on rural renting housing said a U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded program supporting low-income tenants is at-risk of losing housing units if more is not done to preserve them.  Kristin Blum was recently named to HAC’s new Center for Rural Multifamily Housing Preservation. The Center will provide technical assistance and expertise to preserve the long-term affordability of rural rental housing, particularly properties financed through the USDA’s Section 515 program. 'So we feel that preservation of these existing units is vital to meeting the affordable housing needs of communities, because there’s not going to be new units. It’s more cost effective to rehab a building that needs some repairs…[for] it to be a quality, healthy place for people to live....' "

Lets question these assumptions: 

What do you think about adding Rural Housing to the Six Steps for rental housing transformation?