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A RHINO feature: Cleveland's Hail Mary housing code legislation

Sidebar #1: Council's Development Committee Chairperson Anthony Hairston hastened to add that there will be plenty of opportunity for tenants and tenant organizations to offer suggestions to make the legislation stronger. But...

Sidebar #2:  Urbanites all over Ohio are fed up with promises. Ordinary citizens are fed up with junk, slow response from city departments and their private sector partners (eg. CDCs, LandBank and Legal Aid), and court system.

Sidebar #3:  Despite all their sympathetic rhetoric about protecting "mom and pop" landlords and not being included in the drafting process, the real redline for the Northern Ohio Apartment Association and the Real Estate industry is inspections. Taking the "investigate" out of investment is their goal. 

Sidebar #4:  The messaging on Residents First has focused on "out of town predatory" investors. but the reality is that many local entities are facilitators of both local and out of town investors. Many locally based "flippers" are "bad actors." Will the city assist them to come clean?

Sidebar #5:  Who's got the dough-re-mi? Much of the current enforcement efforts focused on the Shaker Square landlords, the Norfolk and Western Railroad and the 50 delinquent owners of Lead Poisoned houses, is being funded by ARPA money which will be running out around the same time that the Council and Mayor are running for reelection. 

How the system  works in the 2nd poorest city in the US

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Meanwhile low income Clevelanders are just washed up on welfare island  umbrella optional.

Euclid Beach Mobile Home park was supposed to be Carol McClain’s forever home. "She is among more than 120 families who must move to make way for Cleveland Metroparks’ expansion of Euclid Beach Park."

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Cleveland is most stressed city in U.S., report says.

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