New Housing Tech

New Housing Tech. 

Is the world ready for 3D housing, Shipping container name it...or are these niche products for the unhoused?

New Housing Tech in the News

MAY 6, 2024. The Land. City offers support for 3D-printed housing initiative. "Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries granted $1 million in funding to pursue development of a functional prototype for homes built with 3D printers. During a Cleveland City Council meeting in March, LMM leadership introduced Ordinance No. 339, with the sponsorship of Councilwoman Stephanie Howse-Jones of Ward 7. This ordinance would allocate approximately $1 million in funding to LMM for printing 3D homes that could help ease the affordable housing crisis in Cleveland.] Clients of LMM would be able to qualify if the ordinance is approved, and the pilot home is a success. However, if the project is successful this could be a viable option for Non-Profits in the future to provide affordable housing.