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Path of the 1806 eclipse

 June 16, 1806 -- Solar eclipse of June 16, 1806, sometimes dubbed Tecumseh's Eclipse after the Shawnee chief, Tecumseh. Tecumseh realized that the only hope for the various tribes in east and central North America was to join. He was assisted by his brother, Tenskwatawa, called The Prophet, who called for a rejection of European influence and a return to traditional values. This tribal unity threatened William Henry Harrison, the Territorial Governor of Indiana and future 9th President of the United States. Harrison tried to discredit the Shawnee leader by challenging Tenskwatawa to prove his powers. Around noon, a long eclipse with a band of totality stretched from near the southern tip of Lake Michigan to just north of Cincinnati. In Greenville, Ohio where Tenskwatawa and Tecumseh waited for the event, close to a thousand had gathered to see the Prophet's sign. The Prophet waved his arms towards the eclipse at the appropriate time, and the people were truly impressed.


Jun. 07, 2024, Cleveland.com. A Gold Star for Gov. DeWine, the adult in the room, again: editorial...but it's a really small room. "If anything positive emerged from the falderal, it was to call national attention to the GOP-run General Assembly’s dysfunction and partisanship."

RHINO's Six Steps Project is an effort to jump start grassroots advocacy on housing policy that goes beyond incremental change. 

read, think, respond...then act collectively.

2025? YES, that's how deep the housing policy stagnation has become as political forces have dashed hopes for real change in the wake of the 2008 and 2020 housing crises. 

Facing a divided Congress in the 2023-2024 session, transformative change that could have happened fizzled because Congress was unprepared to seize the opportunity provided by the Pandemic Recession of 2020. Well-meaning solutions like eviction moratoriums, emergency rental assistance, child tax credits and american rescue plan among others) stopped the bleeding, but they failed to change the system of bandaid tinkering with US Housing policy (ie. the five legged stool).

In fact, stimulus payments likely contributed to the housing affordability crisis that put stable housing out of reach for ordinary families. as the Pandemic recession morphed into the Pandemic Inflation. All hands were on deck, but rowing in opposite directions.

Three housing related recessions in just 12 years underscores the fact that the root of this recurring cycle is a broken housing policy strategy. Todd Rungren observes "The mysterious mad man with his hand on the lever/Don't seem to never ever want to let you off"

Back in 2022, RHINO gave up on paying attention to Federal housing policy until after the 2024 elections, when, we hoped, grassroots activism in the wake of the past three housing related recessions would nudge Federal policymakers towards more progressive solutions to the US housing dilemma. 

If the New Democrat agenda is any indication, grassroots advocates (RHINOistas and others that not beholden to the FIRED industry) need to start nudging now. Begin conversationss with House and Senate candidates, their policy teams, and their influencers about what's working in your communities and how they can create Federal policies that support grassroots innovation. 

2024 is the time to be aspirational. Take a leaf from Biden's plan to reduce the lead standard to "near zero". EPA has not written regulations on this, just pointed to where we need to go. Housing advocates have the opportunity to put the flesh to real reform.

Read more about the Six Steps project.